Back to Nature

we’re already connecting with nature here and starting to really embrace the outdoor lifestyle…


Ok, so two or three weeks along and we’re starting to settle in a little bit now.  We’ve already seen some fairly extreme weather since we’ve been here.  (The kids’ trampoline is now anchored to the floor after a pretty mental bit of wind the other day!).  It’s been a real privilege to have had the recent heatwave here, although that extreme heat certainly made it hard getting much done over that week or so!  We’ve also had heavy rain and a good taste of that Cornish mist too!

Cornish Mist
The view gets completely obliterated by the mist but is quite magical

So I thought I’d write a little post about how we’re already connecting with nature here and starting to really embrace the outdoor lifestyle.  As you can see, we have a mole or two here that are already providing us with some lovely topsoil for future use, the kids love collecting it in their wheelbarrows and topping up the pile.  Keeps them busy anyway!

digging up those mole hills!
The boys settling into their new jobs harvesting mole-hills

Since we’ve been here, we’ve seen so many different birds, I’m pretty useless at naming them all, but the one’s I’ve recognised so far are gulls, buzzards, swallows, robins, tits, pigeons and blackbirds to name a few (plus the housemartin family in our barn that’s just had little chicks) and there’s been plenty of others I have no idea what they are yet.  Soon we will put up some feeders and get the twitcher book out and see if we can recognise any more and take some pics.

Big Fat Toad at Fairview Farm
Sam loved this little fella!

We’ve also seen rabbits – plenty of rabbits!, moles (obviously here but we haven’t clocked one yet), frogs, a massive toad, some excellent bats swooping about right in front of our window at dusk, plus evidence of foxes and/or badgers too.  After being in the city so long, it’s so amazing to be around it all.

We’re getting used to where various families of animals live and you start to respect their little spaces and get to know when they’re around.  The Robin’s absolutely love you mowing the grass, as it makes worms and grubs easy pickings for them, so they look forward to seeing the mower every time!

Some lovely buzzers about!

I’d never really given it two thoughts either, but my relationship with insects seems to be changing already too.  There are so many bugs and spiders here, I feel a lot less jumpy about it all already.  And bees – we love bees!  There are so many bees!  I’d like to look into it a bit, but I think that more people need to help the bees, so perhaps we can assist, as there certainly seem to be a lot here.  In our small garden of an evening, when it’s quiet, you can hear so many bees, it’s almost deafening once you tune into it, but a lovely experience listening to them and watching them buzzing busily around.  Quite relaxing.

Magical bit of old woodland

Other than that, we’re starting to work on the land a little, using the battery power hedge trimmer and brush cutter, which is allowing us to slowly cut through some pretty big stuff, allowing us access to new areas.  There are still some bits we just haven’t got to yet, which although is a bit frustrating, is also a little exciting too.  So far we’ve revealed a couple of lovely, secluded wooded areas, a built in barbeque area we had no idea was there, and yesterday, I finally managed to cut through to what I think is the source of the natural spring on our site.  Quite far away from where we actually thought it was to start off with!

We’ve managed to mow some lanes around and through some of the fields and eventually, they will all connect, allowing everyone to walk or jog around the whole plot to enjoy the various areas that we can uncover, look after and landscape in time.  I’m really keen to see if we can make use of that natural spring too so the investigation will commence on that soon.

natural spring
Our spring contributes to the River Cober, which runs along the boundary

Please enjoy a few more pics I’ve taken below of various plants and areas around our garden and the paddocks.  As always, we appreciate any comments or questions!  Hopefully, Clare will be along soon to do some writing too, so watch this space.  Thanks for listening!

Team S xxx

Giant Gunnera
This is Steve. One of about four Giant Gunneras that grow here.  The leaves are HUGE!
ancient woodland
more ancient woodland – so much moss and lichens
Globe Artichoke
Globe Artichoke growing in our run-down polytunnel
wild flower arrangement
A selection of wild flowers and stuff Clare and the boys picked from the fields
The Ralphies and Bradley came to visit, everyone exploring..